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Our Reusable Eco Bottle 750mL provides a sustainable, stylish and cost-effective way to drink more water throughout the day and avoid using disposable bottles.

The Eco Bottle 750ml with Easy Drinking Cap is suitable for taking water, or any other non-carbonated, cold liquids on the go. Thanks to its shape, it fits in the fridge door and its Easy Drink Cap makes it easy to drink from while walking, playing sports or enjoying any outdoor activity.

The large neck opening makes it effortless to refill with your favourite non-carbonated beverage and ice cubes. The wide neck also makes it very easy to clean! Cleaning your Eco Bottle on a daily basis is important to keep it fresh and free from bacteria.

The Easy Drink Cap's small opening safely regulates the flow of the fluid, making it more comfortable to drink from. The Cap fits on any size Eco Bottle so you can mix and match colors and ring allows you to add a handle or strap for easy carrying.

Easy to fill and store, you can use it over and over. Which means you’ll save the environment as well as your hard-earned money. Making it a refreshing alternative to fancy bottled water.

Just think how many disposable bottles you will prevent from going to landfill by using this reusable and durable water bottle! 




Eco Bottle | 750mL | 25.5 x 6 x 7 cm



  • Odor and taste-free thanks to its durable and high tech material. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Think of how many plastic disposable bottles that are thrown away every day! You can help reduce that number simply by using an ECO Bottle!
  • Staying hydrated just got easier! Bottle is lightweight, leak proof and small enough to tuck in a tote bag or backpack, or carry in your hand by a handle or strap, so you can take it with you wherever and however you travel... by car, train, foot or bike! 
  • Easy drinking and hygienic covered spout: Flip cap design allows for smooth flow when drinking.
  • No more searching for the right cap! All our Eco Bottles share the same neck opening no matter what size so the flat cap, flip cap and straw cap are interchangeable! 
  • Easy cleaning and refilling: Large neck opening makes it easy to clean with a bottle brush and refill with water or ice cubes!
  • Can stand the test of time: Made from extremely durable material, your long-lasting Eco Bottle can be used over and over again without worry of breakage.




  • recommends hand washing products with a printed design
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Not For Freezer



  • Limited Warranty


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