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The Aloha Bowls was inspired by timeless beauty through simplicity and affordability. Designed for easy, breezy entertaining, this bowl goes from the fridge to the table or on the go. Great for serving, but even better to eat from! And when you’re done, all the pieces of the Aloha Collection nest together perfectly for compact storage.

With leak proof lids, you can prepare your food in advance and transport everything to your picnic or BBQ without the fear of messy spills.

The practical and space-saving Aloha Double Plates are perfect for picnics and outdoor use but also versatile enough to use indoors all year round. The 360ml Plate serves a dual purpose: as a serving plate or a seal to take it safely on the go. This will save a big space in your picnic bag! Raised plate seal offers extra room for toppings and garnishes and keeps food safe while transporting on the go or storing in the fridge. 

Our Aloha Tumblers can be used again and again for camping trips, picnics, hiking or any special occasion. Lightweight, nestable and durable; perfect for cold beverages like water, juice, lemonade or smoothies. Also great for serving desserts like fruit cocktail or ice cream. 

Our Click to Go beverage Dispenser is great for making and bringing your favourite beverages on the go. Great for picnics , parties, and camping trips. Ergonomic Spout allows for easy dispensing and convenient handle clips allows for easy transport.




Aloha Bowls

450mL | 16 cm x 5 cm

1L | H 7.3 x L 21.2 cm 

4L | 30 x 13 cm

7.5L | 35 x 16 cm


Double Plates

Set of 4 | Deep Plate | 700ml | 23cm

Set of 4 | Top Plate | 360ml | 29.4cm


Set of 4 | H 12.4 x L 9.5 cm

Click to go dispenser

3.1L | 16 x 15 x 10 cm




Aloha Bowls

  • Perfect for on the go: Leak proof lid ensures no messy spills during transport.
  • Locks in food freshness thanks to the airtight lid.
  • Space saving: Aloha Bowls and lids are nestable making them easy to store!
  • Not just for serving: Aloha Bowl 1L& 450mLs is the perfect size to eat out of!
  • Easy match lid: Unique code on the bottom of the bowl and inside of the lid helps you to easily identify which lid goes with which bowl.
  • Easy to open thanks to the large tab on the lid.
  • Ideal size for taking healthy lunches like salads or grain bowls to the office or school.


Double Plates

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Serves a dual purpose as a serving plate and a seal to take the plates on the go.
  • The raised double plate seal allows extra room for toppings or garnishes, so food doesn't get squashed.
  • Longer tabs on the shallow plate/seal allow for easy gripping.


  • Practical to use anywhere: Its lightweight and virtually unbreakable features make them perfect to use everyday or take on the go.
  • Space saving: Easy storage with nestability, giving you much-needed cupboard and picnic bag space. Just nest and go!
  • Shatter resistant: Beautiful,durable material; won't break like glass or ceramic.
  • Eco-friendly: Tumbler can be used again and again, reducing global waste.

Click to Go Beverage Dispenser

  • Easy handle clips for easy transport.
  • Spout is self-venting and allows for smooth and even dispensing.
  • It comes with grid which keeps fruit, herbs and other ingredients from blocking the spout when infusing water.
  • Has capacity marking for easy measurements.
  • The recessed area of the spout keeps the spout safe when transporting.




  • Aloha Bowls & tumblers are dishwasher safe and is BPA free
  • Not for Freezer
  • Not for use in microwave
  • Staining not covered under Guarantee
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or scourers to clean.
  • Do not use metal utensils or knives near these bowls.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty





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