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Keep your cheese happy with our new CheeSmart! The smart design helps to move condensation away from the cheese which helps to avoid spoilage and save money. Our CheeSmart, with its unique design, minimizes odours in the container while helping to protect the taste and texture. The see-through window lets you quickly identify the contents. The reversible tray can be used on both sides, allowing you to store cheeses of different heights. You can also use the deep side for serving cheese with liquid, like mozzarella or feta. It's also perfect for serving and storing butter! 


W 20.4 x H 9.8 x L 30.4 cm


  • When condensation builds up in the container, the built-in Max CondensControl™ system transfers the moisture to the outside. Depending on the quantity, type of cheese and where the container is placed inside the refrigerator, almost no water droplets will stay in the container.

  • Max CondensControl™ technology creates the perfect environment to keep cheese fresh for weeks--not too humid, yet enough air circulating to keep the perfect texture.

  • Odour-free fridge! The smart design not only provides optimal storage, but also minimizes odours in the container.

  • Space saver, cheese saver: CheeSmart's stackable flat cover allows you to maximize space in your fridge.

  • High-tech breathable foil keeps cheese fresh longer by regulating the inner atmosphere to keep out excess condensation while maintaining the right level of oxygen. 

  • Healthy cheese is happy cheese. Keep cheese moisture-free and well preserved in your fridge for up to two weeks.

  • Outsmart mold with CheeSmart Max Out with the mold, in with the new—CheeSmart. 

  • No cheese left behind: The CheeSmart servers are designed to optimally hold ALL types of cheese in the fridge!

  • Cheeseboard-ready!: Serve your cheese straight onto the tray!

  • Save money! The CheeSmart helps keep your cheese fresh and reduce spoilage and food waste, which saves you money!

  • Sustainable: Avoid disposable plastic wrap or bags. 


  • For best flavour, remove cheese from the refrigerator at least 15-30 min. before serving.

  • Hand wash cover with warm soapy water.

  • Tray is dishwasher safe.

  • For quick drying, using Microfiber towels.

  • Putting CheeSmart cover in the dishwasher will create holes in foil, jeopardizing the performance of the product.


  • Limited lifetime


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