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Continues its commitment to superior quality and innovation. Convenient to use and designed for healthier cooking, Chef Series Non-Stick Crepe Pan complements the Cookware category.

Crepe, Pancakes, loaded omelettes – cook up an absolute feast with the Crepe Pan. You will be able to cook for your favourite people in no time at all – and clean up is quick and easy. Let’s face it life is hectic enough – when you can make things easy and simple – get amongst it.


Outer Dimension D 29 H 3

Inner Dimension D 21.5

Handle L 17


  • The Tri-ply construction of the base consists of an aluminum layer fused between 18/10 stainless steel and magnetic stainless steel. This Tri-ply construction ensures even heating and cooling of the cooking surface for superior results.
  • The superior quality Platinum coating is non-stick and abrasion resistant. This means that crepes release easily from the cooking surface for perfect results every time, and the Crepe Pan is easy to clean after use.
  • The combination of the non-stick coating and Tri-ply base reduces hots spots. Minimal oil or fat is required for perfect cooking ensuring an evenly cooked crepe with uniform colour – both looking and tasting fantastic.
  • The Crepe Pan can be used on an induction stovetop as well as ceramic, gas and electric stovetops.
  • The slight incline of the Crepe Pan sides reduces the occurrence of spillage, encourages a perfectly round shaped crepe and allows for easy removal of the crepes once cooked.
  • The handle is comfortable to hold.
  • Crepe Pan design complements the Chef Series Pure Cookware range.


  • Ensuring the cooking surface or flames of a gas stove do not extend beyond the inner dimension of the pan, using a medium high heat, bring the Crepe Pan to perfect cooking temperature.
  • Oil is not required, however a minimum of vegetable oil or butter, may be used for a more golden colouring and to provide additional flavour.
  • Utensils made from wood or from non-metallic materials, such as heat resistant plastic or silicone, should be used to prevent damage to the non-stick surface.


  • Not for use in the microwave, over an open flame or a campfire (other than gas stove). Do not use under a grill/broiler unit. On a gas burner, never allow flames to extend up the sides of the pan, as this will heat the handle.
  • The Crepe Pan may be placed in a warm oven, however always use oven gloves when handling Cookware that was placed in the oven, as the handle will be hot.
  • Do not leave Cookware unattended on an alight or heated stovetop.
  • Make sure that the base of your Cookware is equal to or bigger than the diameter of the stovetop burner (except if induction). Using a burner larger than the base of your Cookware is not energy efficient and the heat can damage the surface or make it too hot to handle (especially on a gas stove).
  • Never pour water on hot fat or hot syrup while in the pan as it can cause splashing and serious burns.
  • Exposing the Crepe Pan to temperatures exceeding 220°C may discolour the body exterior to a yellow colour. This can be removed with a stainless steel cleaner.
  • To protect the high quality non-stick coating, avoid using metal or sharp edged utensils.
  • Do not use spray oils, as they may contain additives that leave a residue on the non-stick surface.
  • The Crepe Pan may be cleaned in the dishwasher, however washing by hand is recommended to protect the non-stick surfaces from harsh dishwasher detergents.
  • Pay extra attention when storing so that other pans do not damage the surface. It is recommended to protect it with a layer of cloth or kitchen paper if placing anything on top of the Crepe Pan.


  • Always wash and dry your new Chef Series Cookware before first use.
  • Let Cookware cool before cleaning. Do not rinse a hot pan with cold water as this may cause hot grease to splatter or steam to be created.
  • Should burning or sticking occur, soak Cookware in hot water with detergent to remove stuck-on foods.
  • Use only non-abrasive, non-chloride cleansers together with a sponge or a nylon scrub brush to prevent damage to the non-stick surface. Always make sure to use the soft side of the sponge to avoid scratches in the mirror finish on the outside of the Crepe Pan.


  • The Crepe Pan has a 3 year guarantee.
  • The guarantee ensures replacement if a product presents defects arising from faults in manufacturing or materials when used in accordance with the directions and in normal domestic use. The guarantee does not include damage to the product resulting from negligent use or misuse of the product i.e. excessive overheating, discolouring of stainless steel, stains and scratches on the inside and outside, or any knocks it may have received or if it has been dropped etc.

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