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This Cool Cubes tray can make different sized cubes – how cool is that! Just push the indents up for small or down for large. Not only that, this product is perfect for preparing and freezing a wide range of flavoured ice cubes- such as lemon juice, sorbet, stock and more. By using Cool Cubes, you can easily pop-out perfect ice cubes every time! Great for entertaining, or just adding a little flair to you everyday ice cubes. Designed to complement our FreezerKeeper™ range.


14 x 20ml cavities | 28.6cm x 11cm x 4.6cm


  • Easy, non-spill refill thanks to the cover, which features a max fill line for even more convenience
  • Freeze leftover stock, coffee, juice or even add fruit to your ice cubes
  • Featuring feet for stability to ensure the tray is kept anchored while filling 
  • The large tab helps easy removal which makes it very user friendly
  • The soft flexible seal is easy to use and also liquid tight to ensure your components won’t spill out from the tray 


  • Dishwasher safe 
  • BPA free


  • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Staining not covered
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