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Keeping yourself hydrated can be hard with boring plain water, so upgrade your experience with our new HydroLife Carafe! Cut, add, pour and enjoy colourful healthy drinks with your guests as you show them how they can enjoy delicious infused water right at their fingertips. The carafe is made for durability to ensure that it can also be perfect for the outdoors! Cool Cubes are perfect for preparing and freezing a wide range of flavoured ice cubes. They are also ideal for freezing small quantities of foods such as lemon juice, sorbet and fresh herbs. By using Cool Cubes you can very easily pop out perfect ice cubes every time!


Carafe 1.3 L- 8.5 x 8.5 x 25.5cm
Cool Cubes - Cavities 28 x 20ml - L 28.6 W 11 H 4.6



  • 360° Pouring Spout that fits perfectly on the neck of the carafe and provides drip-free pouring from all around the rim. 

  • Self-opening lid provides easy, stylish pouring without leaving a mess on the carafe, your hands, or your table.

  • Serve in style! Our carafe is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, encouraging you to drink more water

  • Lightweight and durable, get the look of glass without the worry of breakage which makes it convenient to use every day and around kids.

  • Fridge door friendly!

  • Anti-Block Sieve holds back fruit pieces or ice cubes in the carafe without blocking the pouring. 


  • Cool Cubes feature a slim lined shape, a seal with a special filling cap and filling line indicator. 

  • They are uniquely designed - ice cubes are extremely easy to remove and the user has the choice between making two differently shaped ice cubes.

  • Cool Cubes are designed to make large or small cubes.

  • By using the large tab, the ergonomically designed seal can be very easily peeled away from the base.

  • Cool Cubes are designed to be very practical and durable. They are very easy for all the family to use i.e. for children through to older members of the family.

  • The seal also keeps ice cubes fresh and doesn’t permit flavours to be transferred into the ice cubes.

  • When the seal is applied, the Cool Cubes unit is stackable in the freezer or cupboard.  This space saving feature minimises the room required to freeze large quantities of ice cubes as several units can be stacked on top of each other in the freezer.



  • Only fill to neck to avoid overflow 

  • Citrus and ginger can damage the product, so always add these ingredients directly to your serving glass not to the carafe.

  • Temperature ranks Max 40°C / 104°F Min 1°C / 33°F

  • Dishwasher safe up to 65°C but hand wash recommended. 

  • Do not use a scouring sponge when hand washed. Use only nonabrasive, non-chloride cleansers with a Microfiber Towel. 

  • Do not use in freezer


  • Cool Cubes are dishwasher safe.  When placing in the dishwasher ensure the base and seal lie flat in the top section.

  • Cool Cubes are safe for use in the refrigerator.


  • Limited lifetime warranty

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