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Hot Sale Daily Universal cookware 7.4QT/7L Stockpot with glass cover

Hot Sale Daily Universal cookware 7.4QT/7L Stockpot with glass cover

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Designed with smaller kitchens and more organized pantries in mind, the Universal Cookware 7.3QT/7L Stockpot, stored together with the rest of the set, takes up the space of a single piece. Everything nests together and one lid covers every pot and pan. 

The Stockpot is here for all your needs! 

  • It is ideal for boiling rice or pasta.  
  • Cook vegetables thanks to waterless cooking. 
  • It also browns meat perfectly and allows to make stews for family and friends and they are your best ally for slow simmering dishes. 
  • Also perfect for large quantity family soups and stock/broth. 

Be always ready for an unplanned dinner with friends: use the 7.4QT/7L stockpot!  



17 x L 24 cm
6.7 x L 9.4 inch

7L / 7.3QT


  • Family sized, great for up to 10 people: from boiling rice pasta to preparing stews or soups. It's your perfect ally for batch cooking.
  • 3-ply construction allies stainless steel, which reaches high temperatures and retains the heat, with aluminum that heats fast and distributes heat evenly. 
  • Optimize the space in your drawers and cupboards: the 3 sizes of the range nest perfectly.​
  • Waterless cookware locks in flavor and nutrients so foods can cook in their own juices. No need to add extra fat! 
  • Check on your food cooking at anytime without lifting the lid thanks to the glass cover.  
  • Keep your surface clean with the thoughtfully designed lid featuring a utensil rest built into the handle. 
  • Designed to cook evenly on virtually any stovetop, including ceramic, induction, gas, and electric. 

Tips & Life Hacks

Frying with a stainless steel interior

  • For frying with a stainless steel interior, achieving the right temperature is required to prevent sticking and optimize browning of your meat. Check the temperature by sprinkling drops of water over the preheated stainless steel pan, without any grease. If the drops start rolling, that means your pan has reached the right temperature.​
  • Pro Chef Tip: Instead of pouring the oil in the pan, baste/coat the food with oil instead and then cook it. It will result in using less fat. Moreover you will only have fat where the food is in contact with the pan, preventing the "free fat" around the food (resulting from pouring directly in the pan) to burn and create unnecessary fumes and splashing. Q5
  • Turn your stovetop off five minutes before the end of the cooking time. The encapsulated base will keep the pan hot enough to finish the cooking process.​

Waterless cooking will become your favorite method!​

Thanks to its heavy cover, Universal Cookware features waterless cooking  which allows for cooking with less water and next to no fat to better preserve the flavor of your ingredients.​

How to proceed with Waterless cooking?​

No need to strip away the flavor and nutrient rich skin! For most vegetables, a gentle scrub is all you need before cooking.​

  • Rinse your vegetables.​
  • Place contents in the vessel and put on heat source.  Be sure to use the correct size pan, one that the food nearly fills.  Cooking with a pan too large for the food can destroy vitamins and minerals, dry your foods and possibly cause the food to burn. For food with low humidity content, you might need to add a very minimal quantity of water.​
  • Place the lid on the vessel.​
  • Adjust heat setting, usually medium heat to generate steam.​
  • Lower the heat setting, usually between lowest to medium heat.​
  • Cooking time would start from this point.​

A few TIPS to ensure success with waterless cooking:​

  • To form the vapor seal – heat setting is important!​ Find the right temperature settings: If the rim spits moisture, the temperature is too high.​ If the lid does not spin freely on a cushion of water after forming the vapor seal, the temperature is too low.​
  • Don’t open the lid until the cooking time is done.​
  • If at first you are concerned about cooking without water, add 30ml or 45ml of water to the pan after rinsing your vegetables and cook as directed. As your confidence builds, you can lessen the amount of water used.​
  • When finished cooking, test for doneness with a fork. If not done, cover the vessel and add 30ml of water to the rim to re-establish the vapor seal. Cook over low heat for 5 to 10 minutes. ​

Additional Use and Care

  • Do not use in the oven as the handles could start melting.​
  • Handles should never be placed directly over the heat source ​
  • Never allow flames from a gas cooktop to extend up the sides of the cookware. To maintain balance on a gas range, ensure that long handles are positioned over grate prong.
  • We recommend using oven gloves when handling the Universal Cookwares once they have started to be heated on the stove.
  • Allow the lid to dry in vertical position.
  • We recommend to use a separating cloth between the vessels to avoid scratches.​
  • If your cookware is stained or has marks not removed by classic washing, use a stainless steel cleaner or white vinegar to make it shine again.

Safety and Care Instructions

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not for use in the microwave
  • Not safe for use in the oven
  • Approved for food use
  • Not safe for use with grill/broil function
  • Safe for use on the stovetop
  • Keep out of the reach of children


Limited lifetime warranty against defects in the material or workmanship under normal or household non-commercial use and cared for in accordance to instructions.


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