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Ideal for daily use the 290ml bowl is a great size for dips, spreads, nuts or single-serve treats. In a handy set of four, you will be able to have all your BBQ or picnic sides in a handy serving bowl or you can meal prep some snacks ready for your busy week ahead,.


Brand new Clear Bowl range now made from Eco+ material! With a glass-like look but a light-weight feel, the Clear Bowl range is perfect to prep, store, transport, serve and save! From fridge to table convenience these bowls are ideal for indoor or outdoor dining. The ECO+ material is made through a process that takes single-use plastics that would normally end up in landfill and gets recreated into a high-quality food grade container. You're not only reducing waste, you're creating less waste by using a product that can be used over and over again!


4 x 11.8 x 5.5cm


  • The modern, clear, glass-like appearance of these Bowls makes them suitable for use on the table and out and about.
  • Clear base allows you to see contents at a glance.
  • Liquid tight Seals keep contents fresh and makes these bowls suitable for transporting treats to functions.
  • The tab on the Seal makes it easy to open and close and ideal for storing leftovers. When applied, the Seal creates a flat surface. Other bowls can be stacked on top–convenient and



  • Dishwasher Safe however handwashing is highly recommended to preserve the shiny quality of the bowl. Place Seal on top rack of the dishwasher to avoid warping
  • Not suitable for the microwave, freezer or oven
  • Staining and scratches are normal and will not affect the performance of the product. This is not covered by warranty. To avoid scratching, it is not recommended to store granulated sugar coated sweets or biscuits or to store coarse salt coated snacks
  • recommends plastic utensils to prevent damage to the product.
  • Do not use for citrus or ginger products, as discolouration may occur
  • Suitable for cold foods only.



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