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With a large cutting area and non-skid under surface the Flexible Cutting Mat provides a safe and comfortable cutting experience in your kitchen. This silicone chopping board is a must-have to chop your vegetables, fruits, meat, bread, herbs, onions and other ingredients. Slightly fold the chopping mat to easily dispense your cut pieces into a bowl or colander – this avoids any loose pieces falling and messing up your countertop.


38cm x 29cm


  • The anti-skid surface on the back of the Cutting board ensures safe and comfortable cutting

  • Due to its flexibility, the Flexible Cutting board can be folded after cutting. This feature allows that the cut pieces can be put into a bowl or colander easily and avoids any mess on the countertop

  • The Flexible Cutting Board can be used for cutting or chopping your favourite vegetables, fruits; meat, bread, herbs, onions etc. Besides cutting, the Flexible Cutting Board can be used to prepare for example any kind of rolled dishes filled with jam or meat


    • The Flexible Cutting Board should not be put in the dishwasher.
    • Hand washing is highly recommended.
    • Scratches due to cutting are not covered by the warranty


    • Limited lifetime warranty
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