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The days of trying to measure the right amount of rice or grains out of a bag without making a mess are gone. The new Rice Smart Junior will dispense the right amount of ingredients every time thanks to the integrated dispensing and measuring system. The airtight, lid lock system and first in, first out design will ensure you are always using the freshest ingredients first. The compact size gives you space-saving, bulk food, storage convenience allowing you to store up to 5kgs of rice, grains, cereals even pet food! 


5kg | 26.4 x 19.5 x 23.3cm


  • First in first out dispensing system ensures you are always using the freshest ingredients every time. The measurement tray dispenses ½ cup of rice every time and features pictograms and water fill line for convenience. 

  • The base features rubber feet to keep the product in place along with an internal scraper/slider, which ensures the measurement tray easily dispenses the right amount of ingredients every time. 

  • The large hopper holds up to 5kgs* of ingredients, which is great for bulk purchases and features a sheer window to easily view contents at a quick glance. 

  • Air-tight lid lock features a large tab for easy access and keeps contents fresh and free of any contaminants

  • Compact size gives you space saving food storage convenience

  • *Capacity may vary depending on type of rice or ingredients. 


  • Dishwasher safe, handwashing recommend

  • Please ensure all components are completely dry before adding ingredients

  • When using the integrated measuring cup to measure water, please ensure this is completely dry before reinserting into the unit.


  • Limited lifetime warranty


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