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Every household needs a simple and reliable salad & lettuce spinner… and the Salad Spinner is the one! This handy and efficient product will allow you to dry all types of salads and herbs to perfection. It requires very little force to start rotating and is simple to operate, while being space-saving thanks to its compact size and smart storage solution. Paired with a handy liquid tight seal for those who like to prepare ahead of time, the Spinning Chef also doubles as a stylish salad bowl – simply remove the colander and place the contents directly into the base. Its very efficient drying of most types of salads and herbs without damaging the leaves; the drying performance has to be seen to be believed!


3.9 L I 23 x 18cm


  • Defrost food, to wash/drain vegetables, to drain pasta

  • Each indent was designed with a "water guiding function", enabling the water to be guided in and out of the indent

  • Use the bowl to store, wash salad, seal and refrigerate to lock in freshness


  • BPA Free

  • Dishwasher safe - The anti-skid ring is only suitable for the dishwasher when placed on the base. Dishwashing the anti-skid ring by itself could alter its shape and prevent it from fitting on the base after dishwashing

  • Do not use a sharp knife on any surface. Scratches / staining may occur but not covered by warranty


  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • (Breakage of the drive disc due to disassembling from the cover is not covered by the guarantee. The same goes for disassembling the upper part of the handle from the lower part of the handle and disassembling the handle from the drive disc)
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