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Stack Cooker

Stack Cooker

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Make a complete meal for four including dessert in less than 30 minutes!

Everyone deserves hot, fresh, and delicious meals, even on nights when it seems impossible.

In the Stack Cooker, meat stays moist, cakes bake up fluffy, and dips and sauces come out creamier than ever. You won’t believe this microwave magic.

Set includes one ¾-qt/750 mL casserole/cover, one 1¾-qt/1.75 L casserole, one 3-qt/3 L casserole, one colander, one cone, and two seals.


  • Cook more with less time: You can cook three courses at once, all in the same product!
  • Save energy: Your microwave uses about half the energy of your oven, so when home-cooking in the microwave, you’re saving in so many ways.
  • Easy clean-up: Because you are cooking in one product, you have less mess to clean, and everything can go straight into the dishwasher.
  • Efficient shape: Flat bottoms with rounded corners allow you to arrange food for even cooking.
  • Easy low-fat: Placing meat inside the Colander and nesting it inside a Casserole dish allows the fat to drain away while the meat cooks perfectly. Also great for steaming vegetables.
  • Multiple configurations: Use the Casseroles stacked or solo as needed for various cooking situations. The 3-qt/3 L Casserole becomes a tube pan when used with the cone.
  • Large handles: A secure grip is easy with cool-to-touch handles.
  • Compact storage: Pieces nest to occupy less space while staying together.


Dimensions (Metric/US)
W 27 x H 15.6 cm
W 10.6 x H 6.1 inch

Volume (Metric/US)
Large Casserole: 3 L/3 qt.
Medium Casserole: 1.75 L /1¾ qt.
Casserole Cover: 750 mL/¾ qt.
Colander: 1.7L/7 cups

Min Temp (°C/°F)
Casseroles, Colander, Cover, Cone: -25°C/-13°F

Max Temp (°C/°F)
Casseroles, Colander, Cover, Cone: 200°C/392°F

Max Wattage
Casseroles, Colander, Cover, Cone: US 1200/EU & AP 900 watts

Color: Peacock


  • Always use two hands to move filled Stack Cooker by its handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils
  • Freezer safe up to -25°C/-13°F
  • Casseroles, Colander, Cover, Cone: Safe for use in microwave
  • Seals: Not safe for use in microwave
  • Not safe for use in oven
  • Not safe for use on stove top
  • Not safe for use with grill/broil function
  • Keep out of the reach of children


  • Food at the outer edge of a Casserole will cook faster than the food at the center. Arrange food in a circle so it cooks evenly from all sides.
  • Make sure the pieces of food are as even as possible in shape and size. If necessary, cut or fold food items to the same thickness.

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