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Are you looking for the perfect cooking assistant that you can take anywhere - from your kitchen to the great outdoors? This product is it… please welcome the new and improved SuperSonic™ Chopper Compact. Thanks to the new stainless steel Smart-Fast Bladez™, you can mince and chop your ingredients quicker than ever to get some precious time back in your life. The blades and the pull cord have been upgraded for better efficiency and durability to reduce the amount of times you need to pull the cord to cut up your ingredients. What’s even better about it, is that there’s absolutely no electricity needed. Chop, mix, stir, blend and emulsify like a pro - just pull the handle and the product will do all the work for you! Perfect for chopping onions or small quantities of other veggies, as well as making homemade dips, spreads and butters. 


300ml | 10.8 x 9.2cm


  • Chop, mince and blend food in seconds – up to 5 times faster than experienced chefs!!
  • Featuring the new, specially engineered stainless steel Smart-Fast Bladez™, this product chops food up to 5 times faster than experienced chefs
  • The top two blades are angled and sharp on the bottom, whereas the bottom blade has a flat profile and is sharp on the bottom so it won’t miss cutting a thing when in use
  • The new and improved pull cord is stronger, thinner and reinforced which results in greater durability to create more rotations effortlessly  
  • The ergonomic design of the cover allows you to hold the product securely while also making it user friendly on your wrists
  • The cover also features an angled surface and no rim which makes the cleaning process SO much easier as it reduces the chance of food getting stuck or trapped in the mechanism
  • The anti-skid base prevents any movement from occurring when using the product. The blades also come with a blade protector with a clip to keep it in place 
  • Transparent base makes it easy to quickly check the contents 
  • This product will minimise the amount of dirty dishes you have and will help to keep your benchtops mess free - big win!
  • There’s absolutely no electricity needed so it can be taken with you everywhere
  • It's super easy to clean and disassemble to further reduce time during clean up


  • Clean and dry your product before first use
  • Must hand wash the blade inserts to maintain their sharp condition 
  • Never allow the pull cord to get wet as this can cause long term damage. Also clean the top of the cover with a wet cloth only
  • When washing the cover, disassemble the two components first by pushing the red button and twisting the upper and bottom cover in opposite directions. Wash bottom of the cover only
  • The dishwasher safe components are: the base and bottom part of the cover. But hand washing is recommended 
  • Make sure the blade insert is inside the base before adding ingredients
  • Do not use in the microwave
  • Hot foods are not recommended to blend in these choppers
  • When using frozen foods, thaw on the countertop for about 20 minutes to ensure blades do not get damaged
  • Avoid using dry and hard ingredients


  • Blades: G Warranty
  • Casing Limited lifetime
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