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The perfect bowl for any preparation especially kneading, it was well thought out to give you the perfect experience when kneading, with a flat base, wide opening and straight walls, it will make your kneading stress and mess-free.



3.5Lt 11.6 x 25.4




These Ultimate mixing bowls with lids are a multi-functional prep tool, that helps you with a variety of tasks, including mixing, whisking, kneading, marinating, straining, baking, storing, and even serving. 

  • Ultimate Mixing Bowls have a guaranteed long-lasting leak proof  seal, that keeps on working, even after being washed in the dishwasher.  Bowls and seals are tested to 85C and suitable for fridge storage and on-the-go. Be confident that any food or liquid will never leak or spill.
  • “Hands-Free” Ultimate Mixing Bowls allow you to mix and knead your dough without even touching it. No need to remove your rings! Simply drop in the ingredients, seal and shake. Bring together with the silicon spatula and roll out.
  • No more searching for measuring cups either, with measuring levels right inside the bowls (in L and Oz.), you can even measure ingredients directly into the bowl.
  • A stable flat bottom keeps them perfectly steady for stirring and kneading. 
  • Can be combined with the handy Splash Guard accessory to keep countertops clean. So prepping and baking is cleaner and more organized than ever!
  • For added possibilities in day to day cooking tasks, all Cook’s Maid accessories and the EZ Shakers fit on the Splash Guard.
  • Scratches on the inside are limited by the etched surface on the interior bottom.

Your cooking will never be the same!



  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not for freezer
  • Not for use in the microwave
  • Not safe for use in the oven
  • Not safe for use on the stovetop



  • Limited lifetime warranty
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